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Pick Up Line Instructions

Thursdays - 2:30 - 3:15  (jump to map)

  • Pick Up Line 2:30pm and beyond - Green Line

    • From Cole Rd

    • Turn onto Thamer Ln (green line on map)

    • Follow Thamer Ln to the Lower Parking Lot

    • Pull past the Life Center (white building)

    • Turn left into the main parking lot

    • Head toward the main entrance

    • Stop at the orange cones and wait for a pickup spot

    • Pull into the spot and load your children

      • If your child is not out, you may leave the line and park in the back parking lot and walk to the pick up area to pick up your children

    • Carefully pull out to the left into the flow of exiting traffic

    • Pull around the back side of the church and exit from the back driveway onto Cole Rd


  • Park and Walk (cleanup crew and parents picking up) - Blue Line

    • You will need to tell the attendant that you are parking to either walk up or as part of the cleanup crew.  You will need to be let in and will not be permitted in the car rider pick-up line.

    • From Cole Rd

    • Turn into the main parking lot (blue line on map)

    • Park

    • Walk to the main entrance to pick up your children

    • Walk back to your car

    • Leave from the main driveway back onto Cole Rd


  • Instructors or parents parked in the front lot?

    • You will need to tell the attendant that you are exiting and will be let out through the main entrance