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Rainy Day Lunch

We strive to hold lunch outside each STEM day so that there is plenty of room to run around or stay away from those who are running around.  Even when it's cold.  But not when it rains.

When it's raining at lunch time, here's what you need to know:

  • Students need to stay seated and quiet.
  • Try not to make a mess - most of our areas are carpeted.
  • Activities - Some provided, but feel free to bring your own or one to share.
    • Cards
    • Games and puzzles (no electronics)
    • Fidget Toy
    • Coloring Books
    • Any other quiet, seated activities that won't make a mess.
    • NO balls or anything involving throwing or getting up and moving around.
  • Locations
    • K/1 - Student Center 2
    • 2/3 - Student Center 3
    • 4/5 - Central Perk
    • 6 - Ramp area outside of the central perk
    • 7/8 - Front hallway
    • High School - Sanctuary

Adults will be ready in the hallways to help direct students to the proper locations for indoor lunch.

Thanks for your cooperation!