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Is class pricing for the year or semester?


It depends on the class, but we use a simple indicator - *

Year-long Classes

  • Indicated with an asterisk (ex. * Algebra 1)
  • Price listed is for the semester.
  • Invoices for spring semester will be added to your account in Oct.

Competition / Team Classes

  • Indicated with double asterisk (ex. ** 4-8 Robotics Competition, ** 4-6 Science Olympiad, ** 6-9 Science Olympiad)
  • Classes are year-long.
  • Price listed is for entire year; however, full-year payment is due before Fall semester.
  • Refunds are not available after the June drop deadline.

Semester-long Classes

  • No asterisk in the class title (ex. 6-12 Art)
  • Price listed is for the semester.
  • Payment will be spread out as 2 payments before the semester begins.

Pricing Breakdown

  • Listed as Tuition, Equipment, Materials, and Facility
  • The Total Class Price is the sum of all of these