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Karen Lytle To All Instructors

Karen is a homeschool mom of four, and has homeschooled for 13 years now. She loves Jesus and is passionate about teaching in a way that captures hearts and minds to love Him more. She has taught children and teens for over 20 years and is particularly passionate about making instruction fun and enjoyable for kids. She has taught every age group from preschoolers to guest lecturing for master’s level courses. 

At STEM, she is teaching math and is passionate about making math accessible both to those who love it and those who have always hated it. Math is a way to describe the way God designed and ordered the world, and for thousands of years man has discovered it as a way to describe this amazing creation that God created. Did you know that the ratios of lengths between curves on rivers average out to pi? What else will man discover as math continues to grow and expand to try and capture the way God ordered this world?

Right now, Karen is finishing her master’s in counseling and will be starting a Doctorate in Education Spring 2024. But some of her favorite ages are pre-teens and teenagers because it is the age that so many new connections are being made in their minds and hearts. Every person bears the image of God and is a wonder and delight because they reflect Him.

Current Classes
* 6-8 Saxon Algebra 1/2 – (closed)
* 8-12 Saxon Algebra 1 – (closed)
* HS Saxon Geometry – (closed)
* 6-8 Saxon 7/6 – (closed)