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Karin Peoples To All Instructors

Karin Peoples is from Germany and grew up close to the Bavarian Alps. At only 19 years old she moved to Bosnia-Herzegovina to help local churches reach out to families and children impacted due to the war that had just ended. During a short break from her ministry in Bosnia, Karin got a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate from Cambridge University, UK and attended Bible College. She then returned to Bosnia where she worked at a Christian Youth Center, teaching English, German and Recorder Classes. She also pioneered and ran an Education Program for unschooled children and dropout students, helping them to get into the local school system and graduate from Middle and High School. Her passion is to help young people find their gifts and talents, and excel in life.

In 2013, Karin moved to the United States where she got married. Karin and her husband live in Winston Salem.

Current Classes
* HS German 2 – (closed)