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Amber Heydel To All Instructors

I graduated in 2004 from Pepperdine University with a degree in Elementary Education. I have four children and began homeschooling them from Kindergarten. The oldest graduated in the spring of 2021. Back in 2010, I joined a Christian co-op in Calfornia and spent about 7 years teaching classes covering many subjects, before switching to an administrative role when my family expanded. My favorite subject to teach, by far, is science. Full of surprises, kids in my classroom instinctively back up when I put on my goggles. My adventurous and playful nature accompanies me when I step into a classroom, but at home, this plays out through outdoor adventure and enjoying board games with anyone who is willing. Additionally, I serve on the board of Leadership USA and am actively involved in their program that engages teenagers in leadership and discipleship training.

Current Classes
2-3 Story Science (Sec 1) – (closed)
2-3 Story Science (Sec 2) – (closed)
2-3 Story Science (Sec 1) – (open)
2-3 Story Science (Sec 2) – (open)